Things to do in Ella

The hill country of Sri Lanka is home to some of this island nation’s most beautiful locales. The cool weather, which offer a seven-year respite from Sri Lanka’s sometimes overbearing warmth, along with the breathtaking views have proven to be quite popular with tourists too.

Things to do in Ella

Take a hike

Deep inside mountain country, the little town of Ella, has been attracting substantially more tourists in recent years than ever before. If you would like to see something different and you’re finished with this (admittedly amazing ) beaches of this island, you will find lots to love around Ella.

Things to do in Ella

Have a dip at the Ravana Falls and explore the cave

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Have a walk through the tea plantations

The Peak of adam has been a popular pilgrimage site for centuries on centuries and remains a hike for both tourists and locals. This increase is quite a challenge which would not be welcomed by everyone.

Walk the Rainbow Arch Bridge

Naturally, many will want to try it simply for the opinions. The compromise comes in the shape of the Peak, a 30 into 45-minute stroll from Ella which gives the stunning views as its big brother without the exhaustion of Small Adam.

Things to do in Ella

Have a cooking Course

Ask any neighborhood, or perhaps that the manager/owner of you’re staying at, and they will gladly direct you into the ideal way. So you might find friendly companions too plenty of tourists are also heading towards the same place.

Things to do in Ella

Eat some Meals that is Great

Your wants will surely satisfy, if you’re seeking more of a challenge.

Do Not be afraid to Research

It requires a about 2 hours every day and there are some views from the very best. Make certain you are careful or employ a local guide as Google Maps might fail you here.

Before my next visit to Sri Lanka, I chose to see JJ’s own experience in scaling Ella Rock on her blog,, about the best method to go about it and took her advice on preventing scammers and requesting people I already trusted for advice.

A few kilometers away from Ella you will find one of the most popular and prettiest waterfalls, Ravana Falls of the country. The waterfall is lovely and you will almost certainly spend some time staring at the water.

Yet you’re welcome to bring a dip at its pool, once you’re finished with that. Being that this is a very popular place, both with locals and tourists, it is very improbable that you will be alone, but you shouldn’t let that dissuade you.

Following a shower, then you can even head up to your Ravana Ella Cave. The cave itself is a popular tourist place and it’s a rich and intriguing history with evidence showing that people might have inhabited the cave years back!

Things to do in Ella

Ella is renowned for its tea plantations and there are lots of approaches you can walk through them or just enjoy them from a distance. Seeing the workers pick the tea is very astounding along with the tea leaves also provide the hillside a look that is exceptional.

I would highly advise that you visit the Halpewatte Tea Factory where you can see exactly what happens to all of that tea. The tours are informative and fun for anybody with a small interest in Ceylon tea.

At the tour’s close, you will also be given an opportunity to buy tea that is fresh from the factory while the areas that are screening will offer a comfortable method of checking out the hills.

Things to do in Ella

If you’re prepared to travel just a little bit farther, you should visit Lipton’s Seat. Back in 1890, Sir Thomas Lipton made a decision to bring tea into the masses and the very location where he looked upon his tea empire could be found today.

So long as you get up there early in the afternoon until the mist and clouds sets in, you will be treated to some of the best views in Sri Lanka. Mountains and Tea plantations will fill your eyes and over a couple locals will try some conversations.

A little bit farther away from Ella you will find Demodara along with the famed Nine Arch Bridge. The bridge, which could remind some of constructions in English countryside, is a sight and provides incredible views.

The bridge was constructed in the early 20th century and can be a marvel of design because there is no steel in it. Rumor is that the reason for that is the epidemic of the first World War which pushed the British to reallocate the steel meant for the bridge.

Anybody is free to walk alongside of it however you will want to be careful while trains pass over. As soon as you’re finished with your stroll, you can find.

The food at Sri Lanka is spectacular and there’s absolutely no way you will not fall in love. If you are interested in cooking items of your own up, then you can not go wrong with all the classes of this Ella Spice Garden.

The company has been supplying cooking classes based around spices for a few years now and it has proven to be an absolute hit amongst tourists, which means that you will need to book beforehand.

Things to do in Ella

The fantastic news is that you will learn a good deal of stuff and taste and you will also get to make your own creations under the knowledgeable teachers’ advice.

Things to do in Ella

Ella is also home to some of the best food places in Sri Lanka with lots of companies currently serving up meals. So that everything is relaxed and slow, something which a lot of people will gladly enjoy the restaurants follow at the vibe of this town.

There are a few more satisfying things than urinating in the many tastes of Sri Lanka and juice or a few cocktails and heading up into a cafe after a day of trekking and walking.

It is highly advisable that you head towards wherever the natives go and avoid the places. Ask someone that you expect and they will direct you.

Things to do in Ella

Even though Ella is gradually receiving a great deal of tourists, the countryside and the town itself provide considerable opportunities to experience an authentic Sri Lanka. Proceed and explore the regions and the town around it.

My proposal is to find someone who you trust for whatever you would like to do to be able to find good instructions and suggestions. You can also receive a tuk-tuk to shoot you pretty much everywhere so you shouldn’t have trouble visiting any region.

Things to do in Ella